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At Happy Head, we believe massage is more than a relaxing pass-time, and we’d like to share with you the many reasons why. Amongst our great resource articles, you’ll be sure to find a wealth of information about all types of massage techniques and the many benefits of each. Also, find tips, gift ideas, and more!

Relaxation and Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms >>

What can be more stressful than being pregnant? You are literally carrying another person inside of you as well as all sorts of questions, not to mention the physical changes you’re going through. Your feet are sore, your back is aching, and mood swings are swinging off the charts! If you are a pregnant mom […]

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Super Happy Head Massage Coming To San Diego >>

Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego has expanded throughout Southern California to include multiple massage locations. Happy Head Massage has become the premier place in San Diego to get a great massage without the spa prices. And now, they are bringing an even bigger and grander massage experience with the new Super […]

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Massage For The MMA Fighter? >>

Neck cranks, arm bars, triangle chokes, ankle locks, and more. The damage done to the body whether you’re giving or receiving is inevitable. How you handle it and how you repair damage done to the body is up to you. Muscle soreness and damage are side effect that comes with the territory when training for […]

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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage >>

Are you pregnant? Do your feet, legs, and back hurt from the extra bundle of joy that you’re carrying around? Are you tired, stressed, and achy? Having trouble sleeping? Can’t find a comfortable position no matter how many times you twist and turn?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s […]

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The Benefits of Massage >>

There are multiple benefits from participating in massage therapy. Patients often experience tension relief, alleviation of stress on the lower back, as well as improved blood circulation and posture. How often one receives massage therapy allows a great potential for the improvement of both the cognitive and emotional aspects of life. Massage brings a patient […]

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