Can a Massage Make You Feel Sick? >>

Man with headache sitting down with a glass of water in one hand

Getting a massage is an ideal way to relax and enjoy yourself. However, some people feel sick after getting a massage. Some say they feel nauseous, lightheaded, or weak after a massage. They could feel sick immediately, after a few hours, or the next day. It’s common to be unsure why you might be feeling […]

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Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water After a Massage >>

Man with curly hair drinking glass of water outdoors.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to being healthy. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, and most people recognize why it’s important to drink water throughout the day. What people may not realize is why you should drink plenty of water after a massage. Many massage therapists will recommend getting rest and drinking water, and while […]

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Can You Workout After a Massage? >>

Man jogging in a suburban neighborhood

Most people can agree that exercise is good for you. Going to the gym, playing a team sport, or jogging around the park are just a few exercises or workouts people will do to stay healthy. Maintaining a consistent workout schedule is essential to living a healthy life. Getting regular massages can also contribute to […]

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How to Decide What Kind of Massage You Should Get >>

Man thinking with arms crossed and finger on his face

There are many options you have when you’re deciding on what kind of massage you should get. Funny enough, some might say there are too many options. Having so many massage options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of options means there are tons of new massages to try. However, this can be a problem […]

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Does Getting a Massage Help Your Sore Muscles? >>

Man in red shirt grabbing his back in pain and stretching leg

Having sore muscles can make you reluctant to want to go through your regular routines. Sore muscles can make going to your job, doing chores, and even going to sleep a pain. Some people aren’t quite sure how to address the soreness. They might take painkillers, undergo physical therapy, or try hot and cold treatments. […]

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