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Four-Hands Massage

Imagine your favorite massage service: a tranquil, rejuvenating, calming experience that guides your body through the restorative process that it deserves. Now imagine doubling the pleasure with two therapists instead of one! With the Four-Hands Swedish/Deep Tissue massages in San Diego, you can increase the relaxation, effectiveness, and overall benefits of your massage with an additional therapist working on your aching and tired muscles.

What is a Four-Hands massage?

There’s a saying, “many hands make light work,” and it applies to many different aspects of life, but no situation is it more accurate than a massage. A Four-Hands massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage that involves incorporating another masseuse in order to enhance a normal massage.

Our Swedish or Deep Tissue massage is recommended for those that want to give themselves the experience of a full body massage… with double the hands. Both therapists will spend time massaging your neck, shoulders, back, and legs. The combined San Diego Four-Hands massage will do wonders to alleviate any tension, muscle spasms, and stress. Still, if you’re looking for more pain-abatement, our chiropractic adjustment service will straighten out your aches and pains.

What Can You Expect from a Four-Hands massage?

Depending on the massage you choose, you can expect different results, but there is one thing that is constant: the post-massage full-body sensation. Since two therapists are working on your body at once, the mind finds it hard to follow the sensations, which temporarily stuns your mind and allows your body to settle and truly receive the massage. When the massage is over, your body and muscles will feel an even more profound sense of relief resulting from having four hands massaging your body.

To give more detail, the Four-Hands Swedish massage focuses on long, relaxing strokes, which induce a more relaxing and calming experience. In contrast, the Four-Hands Deep Tissue massage will work hard to penetrate the most stubborn knots in your neck, shoulders, and back.

One of our most immersive and relieving massage, the Four-Hands massage in San Diego can be experienced at any Happy Head location. When booking, please select “2” as the quantity so that we can properly schedule your massage. To really enhance the experience, you can elect to enjoy your Four-Hands massage from the soothing environment of your own home with Happy Head Massage’s out-call service. We can’t wait to see you and show you the beauty, the power, and the pleasure that is Happy Head’s Four-Hands Massage.