We’ve had countless happy customers and they’ve been so pleased with their massage that they wanted to share their experience with you. If you’re considering Happy Head for your next massage, take a moment to watch the videos or read through the testimonials below.

I was given an Asian style reflexology massage as a gift. It wasn’t what I was used to, but afterwords I had increased mobility, and my pain level was way down. I’m definitely going back, I haven’t had this much range of motion in years, despite doctors & yoga! Amazing. Staff was great, everything was relaxing, clean & friendly!


WOW This place is awesome first time in and they were able to take Walkins got me back to my room in seconds. I did a Thai Combo message which was a combination of Deep Tissue Stretching. It was more like a Yoga Stretching nothing to crazy were they step on your back and break you. I loved it! It was just what I need after a intense work out at the Gym. If you’ve never been Stop by I can grantee you I’ll keep coming back.


I had a headache and was sore all over from working out and decided to get a massage. This was the first place I called and they fit me in in just an hour after I called. I scheduled a 1 hour Swedish massage and was super impressed. My masseuse’s name was Wendy and I will definitely request her for next time! She asked me a few times if the pressure was OK and when I told her at one point that it was too hard, she remembered exactly what point I had said that when she was on my other side. I don’t get massages super regularly, but I’ve been to some upscale places and I can definitely say that Wendy knew what she was doing. Very skilled and professional. There were only two things I didn’t like (and I saw other people say the same things in reviews: 1. You are not introduced to your massage therapist before the session starts which is a little awkward. 2. Half way through the massage, the therapist left the room to wash the lotion off her hands and get warm towels, but did not say anything before leaving. I was confused at first, but I could hear her washing her hands so I figured she was coming back. I can get over these two minor things – especially for the low prices ($48 for 1 hour)! I’ll be back!!


I am not gonna lie, I was very skeptical about going here until I read the reviews. I decided to go to the Sports Arena area location (because it’s the closest location to my house). I was a bit skeptical of going being of the area and the name. HOWEVER I AM SO GLAD I WENT! Lastly, I know one of the reviewers mentioned something about getting one of these Thai-Style massages on convoy. I would definitely recommend Happy Head over going to convoy. I have gone 2 different massage places on convoy and they were disgusting! Super dirty and very unprofessional. If you want a clean, professional experience, and good massage, go to Happy Head– you’ll be very happy you went!

jessica t.

As I was doing a few errands today in Point Loma, I happened to notice the sign off Midway Dr. And decided to go in and take a look. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by two beautiful girls named Natasha and Sandra. They both seemed to love their job and it noticed by their attitude and professionalism. Sandra explained all the different types of massages available and the pricing. I decided to go with a deep tissue massage ($48) for a whole hour! The interior of the building is decorated nicely and the ambiance was very relaxing. I can’t recall the name of my massage therapist but I’d give her for thumbs up if I had two more hands! The rooms are lightly lit with music playing on the speakers. The massage was amazing. I’ve been to other places and it seemed like the time flew by, but here it seemed never ending! I will definitely be a return customer.

rudy l.

The best way I can describe Happy Head is a massage sanctuary. It’s a place where you can go, know what you’re getting and get exactly that and so much more. They focus so much on all your knots and pain and put you first. Starting with getting your body ready for what’s to come, they prep you accordingly and give you exactly what you need to walk out feeling renewed again. Definitely the best place to go.

revin h.

I went in today and got the Asian Fusion, and boy am I happy. My therapist, Suzy, worked out every knot. I loved all the different stretches that went along with my massage. The front desk girls were very nice. I called and made an appt and they were ready for me when I got there. The Asian Fusion is a 90min service, but I was there closer to 2hrs (not complaining at all!!) Suzy was very attentive to every part of my body down to my ears and eyebrows. It was worth every penny. I’m ready to be Mommy and Wifey again. Can’t wait to go back!!

aprile h.

Had a couples Swedish massage with my wife. The atmosphere was amazing. The rooms were dark and quiet. Very relaxing. The front desk receptionist Natasha was very helpful and nice. The massage was PERFECT! Very nice and professional. I highly recommend this place.

joseph s.

Don’t let the name scare you, Happy Head is amazing! The environment is awesome and massages starting @ $29 rock!! If you want a treat go for the 4 hands, it’s so awesome to have someone working on your upper and lower body @ the same time. Highly Recommend!!

micha m.

My new addiction. Clean, comfortable, relaxed, and professional with a nice dose of tongue in cheek humor. Don’t let the name fool you. You will get a true therapeutic massage at a great value and they will work hard to keep your custom with deals and discounts almost daily. Go for the Asian Fusion, you’ll love it.

clinton l.