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the happy head story…

Walking through the streets of Saigon, you’ll see hundreds of massage parlors. Some are good. Some are just dirty. But one of those massage establishments caught the attention of two American tourists looking to explore the city. With shining neon lights and glowing signs, one sign stood out from the rest. The sign drew the attention with the words “come massage your head and be happy.” As they walked through the doors into a grimy massage establishment and five bucks spent later they received one of the best head massages that anyone could ever imagine.

Fast forward six months later and returning back home to the United States, the memory of this wonderful massage got them once again craving for a great massage. But searching for a great massage without the spa price in San Diego only brought disappointment and very little hope. What they found in most of the Asian massage parlors in San Diego were dirty spas, poor service, inconsistent service, and cheap prices which were still worth less than what they were paying. And paying a higher price only got them stuck with memberships and contracts at spas that they didn’t want or prices that seemed unreasonably high.


It started with one idea: a great massage without the spa price. They wanted a clean and professional massage establishment that even rivals high-end spas. They wanted therapists that were the best in their field. They wanted to create a service that required no contracts and no memberships as they believed that if people loved the massage they would come because they want to, not because they have to.

Happy Head Massage continues to expand and improve to ensure that you get a great massage without the spa price each and every time.