benefits of massage therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are multiple benefits to participating in massage therapy. Patients often experience:

  • * less stress
  • * relief from back and neck pain
  • * improved energy
  • * decreased pain
  • * encourages relaxation
  • * better sleep
  • * improved flexibility and range of motion
  • * reduction of muscle spasms
  • * reduced depression
  • * feel younger

How often one receives massage therapy allows a great potential for the improvement of both the cognitive and emotional aspects of life. Massage brings a patient into a relaxed state of mind away from daily life filled with common work, family, and social stressors. It is not unusual for many patients to also experience improvements in their sleep cycle. By alleviating tension accumulated within muscles through the use of massage therapy techniques; an ultimate unity of mind, body, and spirit can be accomplished.

By receiving massage therapy, an individual will experience less body tension. Body tension occurs when there is an overextension of the body muscles without proper realignment. The muscle contracts and is positioned improperly or overworked, causing a knot to form within the muscle tissue. Knots are extremely common and are a strong contributor to body discomfort for many. By treating these muscles regularly through massage therapy, the tightness that has formed within these muscles will decrease, improving mobility and flexibility.

The techniques of massage contribute to less lower back pain. By visiting reputable massage facilities (as opposed to dirty massage parlors) where therapists are thoroughly trained on pressure points and hold knowledge of common tension areas, the greater results a patient will experience. Located in multiple locations across San Diego you will find Happy Head Massage, an office that offers massage services as well as chiropractic services. For ultimate results, scheduling an adjustment as a complement to a massage allows realignment of the spine, which will alleviate pressure placed on nerves throughout the neck and back. Once this compression of the vertebrae is released, the muscles are able to let go of built-up tension through application of proper pressure during the massage.

Blood circulation and metabolism are both linked to receiving body massages, and Happy Head’s Asian Style Body and Foot massage is an excellent choice for this type of relief. For those looking to improve flexibility and gain faster recovery after workouts, massage is an excellent option. After strenuous activity, muscle tissue is covered by fractures which indeed are necessary for muscle growth; however, cause extreme soreness and fatigue. By applying pressure and working with these muscles during recovery, blood circulation is increased, allowing white blood cells to heal damaged areas at a faster pace. Muscles are a key player for the breakdown of food for use of energy during everyday activities. It is important to work and treat muscles effectively and efficiently in order to maintain a balanced metabolism. By establishing effective activity and recovery cycles, one will discover how massage can improve durability and memory of their muscles.