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Swedish or Deep Tissue? What is the difference?

Category: Swedish Massage

Swedish and deep tissue massages are two of our most popular massages, and they are put into the same category yet there are differences, so it is best to know which one is right for you at that moment in time. A Swedish massage is meant to promote better sleep, stress relief, circulation improvement, and overall relaxation. The pressure of this massage can range from moderate to light, which is the biggest difference physically between the two. A deep tissue massage focuses more on getting into the deeper layers of our muscles to get rid of tension within knots, therefore adjusting the pressure to be harder than a Swedish. Even though the pressure is increased it is still a very soothing experience, those who carry all their knots in the neck and shoulders know how good it feels to have them released.

Now you know what the difference is and what would be best for your body and mind so come in to Happy Head today and try one of them out! You can also book an appointment with us online! We hope to see you soon!