How to Decide What Kind of Massage You Should Get >>

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There are many options you have when you’re deciding on what kind of massage you should get. Funny enough, some might say there are too many options. Having so many massage options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of options means there are tons of new massages to try. However, this can be a problem […]

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What Is a Swedish Massage and What Benefits Does It Offer? >>

Woman on massage table getting a Swedish massage

When you’re trying to decide what kind of massage to get, you might have been recommended a Swedish massage. But what exactly is a Swedish massage? Let’s dive in more into what is a Swedish massage and the types of benefits it offers. What is a Swedish massage? Often called the “classic massage,” a Swedish […]

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How to Decide Between a Swedish Massage vs. a Deep Tissue Massage >>

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You can’t go wrong with either a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Both are popular massages and great for you, but each is used for different reasons. When comparing a Swedish massage vs. a deep tissue massage, it’s important to understand what each massage is typically used for, what parts of the body they target, […]

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Benefits of a Massage Therapy >>

It is proven by the Patient Education Institute that getting a massage can benefit your psychological and physical well-being. A massage can rid you of many stressors of daily living that may have a negative effect your body and mind. By getting an hour or longer massage you are able to escape reality mentally for […]

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Swedish or Deep Tissue? What is the difference? >>

Swedish and deep tissue massages are two of our most popular massages, and they are put into the same category yet there are differences, so it is best to know which one is right for you at that moment in time. A Swedish massage is meant to promote better sleep, stress relief, circulation improvement, and […]

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