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Relaxation and Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms

Category: Pregnancy Massage

What can be more stressful than being pregnant? You are literally carrying another person inside of you as well as all sorts of questions, not to mention the physical changes you’re going through. Your feet are sore, your back is aching, and mood swings are swinging off the charts!

If you are a pregnant mom with a little one on the way, one of the many nurturing things you can do for you and your baby is to get a nice relaxing massage. Studies show that when women go through massage therapy during pregnancy, it can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, relieve muscle and joint tension, and improve the labor process and outcome making it one of the best stress solutions for pregnant moms.  Massages are also a good source of regulating blood circulation in a way that is healthy for the baby.

It is always best to bring a new-born into a relaxing and soothing environment, so a good way to start would be right here at Happy Head! We specialize in many different types of massages such as our signature, Asian Style Body & Foot Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and more, but most importantly, we have a special Pregnancy Massage designed specifically as a stress solution for pregnant moms! Book an appointment for you and your soon-to-be newborn with Happy Head Massage online today!