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At Happy Head, we believe massage is more than a relaxing pass-time, and we’d like to share with you the many reasons why. Amongst our great resource articles, you’ll be sure to find a wealth of information about all types of massage techniques and the many benefits of each. Also, find tips, gift ideas, and more!

How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work? >>

Woman lies on chiropractic table and receives a chiropractic adjustment from a chiropractor

You may have heard people saying they’ve gotten chiropractic work done on them, and more specifically, a chiropractic adjustment. You might be wondering, though, “How do chiropractic adjustments work?” and “Are chiropractic adjustments beneficial?” Where here to tell you, that yes, chiropractic adjustments are definitely worth it. In this post, we will explain how chiropractic […]

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How Much Should You Tip for a Massage? >>

Glass jar with hemp rope tie tip box tag and few coins inside on wood counter

Getting a massage is supposed to be a relaxing time, so you’re probably not going to think too hard about how much you should tip for your massage. It can be an awkward situation not knowing how much you should tip your massage therapist. You don’t want to short-change them, nor do you want to […]

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Does a Deep Tissue Massage Hurt? >>

A woman on a massage table feeling some pain during a deep tissue massage.

People often wonder “does a deep tissue massage hurt?” People aren’t sure if they are supposed to feel pain from intense massage treatments, like a deep tissue massage. In short, the answer is a conditional “yes.” You’re bound to feel some soreness, pain, and maybe mild bruising, but not to the point you are experiencing […]

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The Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy >>

Pregnant woman in pain holding belly on couch

  A prenatal massage is a full body massage performed by a certified specialist that is similar to a typical Swedish Massage but with a few modifications in positions for the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. Prenatal massage therapy has been known to help reduce swelling, anxiety, and depression. It can also […]

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Is It Normal To Feel Pain After A Massage? >>

Massage Tips

You most likely schedule a massage to eliminate pain, reduce stress, and get relief from tight muscles. However, as part of the healing process, you may feel some pain, bruising, muscle soreness, or tightness afterward. Before wondering what the therapist did to put you in a state of agony, realize that just like the soreness […]

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