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5 Common Fears First-Time Massage Clients May Have

Category: Massage
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First-time massage clients can often be intimidated by the idea of getting a massage. You don’t quite know what to expect, which can leave you feeling anxious.

Some first-time massage clients might feel uncomfortable with having a stranger touch their body. Others might be concerned about doing something embarrassing like passing gas. Either way, these are some reasonable and common concerns.

Let’s go over five common fears first-time massage clients may have. We’ll also rationalize why these fears shouldn’t stop you from getting a massage.

“It’s going to hurt to get a massage”

Some first-time massage clients are concerned a massage will do them more harm than good. They are worried about feeling pain during the massage or feeling sore afterward. While there is a possibility you might feel sore after your massage, it really depends on several factors.

First, you must consider what type of massage you’ll be getting. For example, a deep tissue massage is more likely to leave you sore compared to a Swedish or Asian massage.

Second, there’s no guarantee you’ll feel pain or soreness after getting a massage. Soreness can happen due to various factors like your physical condition or how hydrated you were before getting your massage.

Third, if you feel pain during a massage, you can tell your massage therapist to apply less pressure. They will be more than willing to accommodate.

Finally, if you do feel some pain or soreness after your massage, it could be reduced by drinking water, resting, or stretching. If the soreness doesn’t resolve in three days, you can visit your doctor to see if something else is going on with your body.

“I’m going to feel awkward being naked”

Being naked for a massage might be first-time clients’ most common fear. It’s not surprising, though. It can feel awkward to be naked in front of a stranger.

The good news is you don’t have to be naked when you get a massage. You generally have the option to keep your clothes on if you so choose.

You can also opt to take off only part of your clothes. For example, some people choose to take off their clothes but keep their underwear or bra on.

You might be wondering right now, “If I don’t have to take off my clothes, why do some people do it anyway?” Well, some people feel more comfortable with no clothes on. It can also be easier for your massage therapist to maneuver around your body when you have no clothes on.

At the end of the day, what matters is what you’re most comfortable with and what will help you relax the most.

“I’m worried about my smell or making embarrassing noises”

Another common fear first-time massage clients have is they might smell bad when getting a massage. Some people worry having a bad odor will make for a poor massage experience.

Generally speaking, one of the easiest solutions to combat body odor is to shower prior to getting your massage. Showering before a massage is also considered proper massage etiquette.

Regardless, a professional massage therapist tends to have to deal with all kinds of weird and bad smells from clients. It might faze them initially, but they will probably be able to manage. Still, you should be considerate and bathe beforehand.

Along similar lines, first-time massage clients often worry about making embarrassing noises. This could be passing gas, burping, sneezing, stomach growls, or having your body make other odd noises.

Again, your massage therapist has probably dealt with these kinds of situations. They understand your body will make noises against your will and probably won’t think much of it.

“It’s going to be weird being touched by a stranger”

It’s understandable people might feel uncomfortable being touched by a stranger. They could be a germaphobe, have a history of abuse, or don’t want anyone other than their significant other to touch them.

There’s not exactly an easy solution to not wanting to be touched by a stranger. For instance, someone who is a germaphobe will probably always be hesitant to be touched by others. However, there are things massage therapists can do to reassure them.

A massage therapist might reassure a germaphobe the massage parlor values cleanliness and proper health precautions have been taken. Another reassurance a massage therapist might do is to show a client what health precautions they are taking.

There’s also a stigma that certain inappropriate sexual activities always happen in massage parlors, making some people feel uncomfortable. Some people might be concerned they will be touched or grabbed in private parts of their body in a sexual manner.

While these activities can happen at massage parlors, licensed massage therapists are taught to be ethical and not engage in inappropriate sexual behavior. Engaging in such behavior would put the massage therapist and parlor in serious legal trouble, and most professional licensed massage therapists would like to avoid it.

“I’m worried I might be accidentally rude to the massage therapist”

When you’re on the massage table getting a massage, you might be unsure of what you should be doing. Do you just lay there? Are you supposed to talk with your massage therapist? Is it okay to fall asleep?

It can feel strange not knowing what to do when getting a massage. You might be worried if you act a certain way, you’re being rude, which is something a lot of people want to avoid.

Your massage therapist wants you to be relaxed. Sometimes that might mean you do close your eyes and remain silent for the massage. That type of behavior wouldn’t necessarily be considered rude.

Some massage therapists do enjoy talking with their clients, and for some clients, it’s therapeutic. It can be perfectly fine to talk with your massage therapist for the entirety of your session. Talking with your massage therapist can also help them understand what body areas you want to be addressed.

If you’re really concerned about not being rude, just remember to act like a decent person. That generally means minding your manners and avoiding offensive remarks or gestures.

Don’t let fear hold you back

The fears and concerns of getting a massage can be difficult for first-time massage clients. Yet, those fears and concerns shouldn’t stop you from getting a massage. A massage is meant to be a relaxing experience, and you’d be missing out if you let fear hold you back.

If you’re looking to get your first massage, consider Happy Head. We offer various massages at our multiple locations in San Diego.

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