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Do You Have Any Idea What Day It Is?

Category: Chiropractic, Massage, News

We miss you so much!

The world is now like Vegas. Everybody’s losing money, it’s acceptable to drink at all hours, and no one has any idea what day it is. If anything positive can come from this stay-at-home order, it’s allowed us to reflect on all the things that many of us take for granted.

May we never take for granted:

Family gatherings
Birthday celebrations
The roar of a stadium
Crowded concerts
Mornings at the gym
Coffee with a friend
Happy hour
Life itself

For businesses such as the Happy Head, this time off has given us a great opportunity to find new ways to improve our business and make the customer experience better once we open. I’m hoping other businesses are focusing less on waiting for their government loan to save them, and more on taking their business to the next level by taking this opportunity to find new and exciting ways to make their customers happy.

We’re hoping to put this crisis behind us soon so we can just look back and laugh as we tell stories about the time the world stopped. In the meantime, the Happy Head is still working hard so we can have a smooth opening. We’re also incorporating new services such as out-call massage so you can get the same great Happy Head experience right to your home. We’ve also added chiropractic services to our Sports Arena location so you can get a great chiropractic adjustment without the doctor price. And most importantly, we’re reviewing and updating our cleaning procedures to ensure that our customers get the safest and cleanest massage experience at the Happy Head.

We’re so looking forward to seeing you soon. We miss your happy face.

All of us patiently waiting,

The Happy Head

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