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Massage Therapy In San Diego For Feeling Great

Category: Massage

Massage therapy and chiropractic Care are both sometimes said to be an alternative medicine. They can be used together during the same visit or alone. Both practices through manipulation of certain elements of the body can be of benefit to the patient in many ways. Both of these methods are considered to help the body to heal faster, such as in sports injuries, car accident injuries, such as whiplash or other back sprain type damages. At Happy Head Massage in San Diego, they offer both of these therapies to soothe your aching muscles and get rid of back pain. When looking for a massage in San Diego, Happy Hands massage is the place to check out.

Massage therapy and chiropractic care in San Diego can help to reduce pain and inflammation. The California certified massage therapist (CMT) will use different techniques to aid in better circulation of the blood through the body. Improving the body’s circulation can result in removing certain waste products. Better circulation will also bring needed nutrients to the body improving the healing process. Through the therapist trained hands the muscles soften and lengthen, allowing for a realignment of the injured muscle fibers.

The use of Chiropractic treatment in San Diego is connected to massage therapy. They have proven that both together can be very successful. The one benefit of combining the two together is that it can usually speed recovery from injuries. The San Diego massage therapist at Happy Head Foot Reflexology in Hillcrest can give definite support to the chiropractic adjustments. The patient who has been the recipient of massage therapy preceding the Chiropractic treatment may have a more relaxed, less anxious feeling. Normally, when the muscles are less tense the Chiropractic adjustment will be more effective.

The soft tissues of the body need to be in a healthier, relaxed state, for healing to take place. This can be accomplished through massage therapy. Pain may still be present, if the soft tissue problems are not recognized. Our bodies’ muscles work to move the joints. These two professions together may very well present many benefits to the person needing care for injuries or on a course of preventive and maintenance care of their body.

Both chiropractic care and massage therapy in San Diego at the Happy Head in Hillcrest offer a great way to feel great. They offer a great massage without the spa prices. Different forms of massage in the San Diego spa are Swedish massage, Asian style foot reflexology, Thai massage and more.