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Finding the Magic Number: How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Category: Massage
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How often should you get a massage? It’s a question that plagues many people who are seeking the health and wellness benefits of massage therapy.

It can be tricky to figure out the magic number of times you should get a massage. Unfortunately, in most circumstances, there isn’t a clear number. However, there are some situations where getting a certain number of massages is recommended.

Stress management

It’s not uncommon to get a massage for stress relief. Getting a massage can help reduce anxiety, alleviate aches, and improve your mood. It can also target the areas in your body you feel the tensest due to accumulated stress.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic stress, have had a rough week, or going through personal trauma, a massage can help you relax. The number of massages you’ll want to get to address your stress varies.

If you’re dealing with constant stress due to a difficult job, you should consider getting a massage weekly or bi-weekly consistently.

If stress is not chronic and happens due to a sudden event, you might want to get a massage often, but for a short period. For instance, if you’re dealing with stress from a difficult event like a sudden breakup, you might want to consider getting a massage weekly or bi-weekly for a month or two.

Athletic performance

It’s been said that getting regular massages can help athletes perform well. A massage can help warm up and stretch muscles, which can increase an athlete’s performance. It can also help athletes improve their circulation and help with muscle repair.

The number of massages for athletes will vary depending on the sport. Sports that are highly intense or involve a lot of physical contact, like football, may require you to get a massage more frequently than if you played a sport that had little to no contact, like golf.

Another aspect to consider is what you’re training for. For example, if you’re training for a marathon, you would want to get a massage weekly or bi-weekly to help get your body in good form. Alternatively, some athletes training for a marathon will get two or three massages a week if they feel it will help improve their performance.

There’s also your training schedule to factor in. For some athletes, the more training they do in preparation for a big event, the more likely they are to get frequent massages.

Pain management

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or recovering from an injury, getting frequent massages can help. Massage therapy can be a great way to reduce and manage pain.

Massages for pain management will vary depending on an individual’s circumstances. If you’re dealing with moderate pain, you may get a massage once a week. Alternatively, if you’re dealing with severe pain, you might find yourself getting a massage two or three times a week.

It’s best to monitor how your body feels. If you feel the pain returning after a few days, you might need to revisit your massage therapist.

On the other hand, as you recover or feel a reduction in pain, you will probably get fewer massages. You might switch to getting a massage biweekly or once a month. It all depends on your recovery timeline.


Finally, there are those who like to get a massage simply to relax. It may not be due to stress or pain management, but they want to have a good time.

There really isn’t a strict guideline on how often you should get a massage to relax. It’s up to your own digression.

Some people enjoy getting a massage weekly, while others prefer to get one once a month. Some might only get a massage once a year.

How often you should get a massage depends on several factors and what you ultimately want to get out of it. Everyone’s situation will be different, so you shouldn’t necessarily follow someone else’s schedule.

No matter how many massages you’re looking to get, we’ve got you covered at Happy Head. Check out all of our locations and the various types of massages and services we offer.

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