How to Decide What Kind of Massage You Should Get >>

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There are many options you have when you’re deciding on what kind of massage you should get. Funny enough, some might say there are too many options. Having so many massage options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of options means there are tons of new massages to try. However, this can be a problem […]

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The Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy >>

Pregnant woman in pain holding belly on couch

  A prenatal massage is a full body massage performed by a certified specialist that is similar to a typical Swedish Massage but with a few modifications in positions for the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. Prenatal massage therapy has been known to help reduce swelling, anxiety, and depression. It can also […]

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Prenatal Massage for Expectant Mothers >>

Prenatal massage can make the world of difference for a soon-to-be mom! While being pregnant it is natural for the body to begin to compensate for the growing baby. This means more weight is being carried in the lower back and shoulders to support the stomach and more weight is being put on the feet […]

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Relieve Stress & Pain During Pregnancy >>

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time in your life but along with that excitement come stress and sometimes severe pain. During pregnancy, many hormones fill your body and cause it to have pain in place like your lower back, neck, legs, and feet and can also cause swelling in the legs. All of these […]

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Relaxation and Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms >>

What can be more stressful than being pregnant? You are literally carrying another person inside of you as well as all sorts of questions, not to mention the physical changes you’re going through. Your feet are sore, your back is aching, and mood swings are swinging off the charts! If you are a pregnant mom […]

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