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Relieve Stress & Pain During Pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time in your life but along with that excitement come stress and sometimes severe pain. During pregnancy, many hormones fill your body and cause it to have pain in place like your lower back, neck, legs, and feet and can also cause swelling in the legs. All of these symptoms can make life a little stressful and unforgettably uncomfortable.  There are many solutions that Happy Head Massage offers to ease you stress and discomfort such as a chiropractic adjustment and the recommended prenatal Swedish massage.

Chiropractic care is recommended to pregnant women to alleviate the pain and pressure in the back and spine. Pressure and discomfort will increase during pregnancy because of the weight of the child, pelvic changes and changes in your posture. Many pregnant women feel increased pain in their lower back due as the baby grows and their hormones continue to increase. As your pelvic bones separate and widen it can cause you to walk & sit differently and walk off balance. Our in house Chiropractor is available from 10 AM- 4 PM and again from 9PM-10PM during the weekdays. A chiropractic adjustment is a great addition to your Swedish massage for just $29.

Massage therapy has been recommended to pregnant women with low risk pregnancies in order to reduce stress, pain and swelling. Studies have shown that women who introduced massage therapy into their prenatal care found that the hormones produced when stressed were significantly reduced. Pregnant women often experience swelling of the joints due to reduced circulation from the baby’s weight. Massage helps blood to flow easier reducing the amount of fluid settling in joints. Massage also helps soothe sore muscles exerted during pregnancy.