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How Massage Releases Toxins

Category: Health

When you receive a massage, cell waste gets released at faster rate than normal.  Your body deals with larger amounts of material within the same amount of time, and that is what can cause you to feel tired, sick, or sore afterward. Every cell produces waste during its normal activity and metabolism, and ejects this outside its cell membrane.  Most of the toxins that are released are normal waste from cell activity.

There are a many ways massage releases toxins from your system. Massage allows chemicals to be released within the body, which take toxins out of your muscles. Massage has also been found to help the substance lymph move around, which assists in getting rid of toxins from tissues in your body. This helps release toxins through the lymphatic system, and provides other health benefits as well.

Other than massage other ways you can release toxins is by using saunas or taking steam baths, which can help eliminate them through sweating.  Also, an easier lifestyle change is just up your water intake and eating plenty of fiber-rich fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to ensure regular bowel movements.