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Athletes Using Massage Therapy To Help Relieve Their Injuries

Category: Sports

For all the athletes and fans of keeping their bodies fit and toned, sports massages will be your bodies’ best friend. When Jessi Stensland, a professional triathlete, enters the Athletes’ Performance training center in Tempe, AZ., she usually goes into a room labeled “work” where there is treadmills, elliptical, and free weights. However once a week Stensland, 22, enters a room labeled “rest”. While the room is playing soothing music to help her relax, she lays face down on top on of a cushioned massage table and awaits her treatment.

Many athletes may come across injuries from time to time and need physical therapy and often recommended by their trainers or doctors to get a massage to help injuries and prevent any additional injuries. A study in 2005 of the Journal of Athletic Training found that subjects who receive a 10 minute arm massage three hours after exercise had a 30-percent reduction in muscle soreness and swelling, can you imagine how it could improve your body and how it can help your performance? A deep tissue massage can help accelerate the rebuilding process to your body, improve the circulation of your blood, the circulation of the muscles slows down during activity and the muscles become tight, after a massage it will be refreshed by this new, oxygenated blood.

Sports massage will help both mentally and physically, and you will be ready to conquer your opponents. Make sure you have a well trained therapist. Check out the Happy Head Massage in San Diego for the best therapist in town to help with you injuries or even for relaxation.