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What Factors Make For a Good Massage Table?

Category: Massage
Massage table in the middle of a massage room

Many factors go into making a good massage experience. A big one people might not immediately think about is having a good massage table.

Choosing the right massage table is essential to providing a high-quality massage. It’s often considered the most crucial piece of equipment for a massage therapist and a critical component in any massage business.

Since a massage table is so important, you might be unsure of what makes for a good massage table. This can be tricky since each massage therapist will have their own criteria, but some common things that make for a good massage table are good comfort levels, strong durability, and relevance to your services.

Let’s go over what factors make for a good massage table.

Basic factors to consider

Here are some basic factors to consider when determining a good massage table.


The dimensions of a massage table are a significant factor. First, a massage therapist should consider the dimensions of their massage room. A small room will limit their options, while the opposite will be true if they have a bigger room.

Once a massage therapist knows the size of their massage room, they’ll need to consider the massage table’s length, width, and height.


The standard length of a massage table is 72 inches, but some tables can be longer or shorter. There are also extensions you can add to make it longer. For instance, you can add a footrest extension.


A good massage table will allow you to adjust the height. The height range can vary, but it’s best to get one that falls in the range of 22 to 36 inches.


Compared to the height and length of a massage table, the width of a massage table is generally not adjustable. This makes it far more crucial to choose the correct width.

The standard massage table width is 30 inches, but you can get them smaller or larger. It’s advised that smaller massage therapists use a smaller-width massage table, while taller massage therapists use a longer width.


The carrying and working weight of the massage table are additional factors that determine a good massage table.

Carrying weight

The carrying weight is the weight of the table itself. There isn’t a golden standard for a good massage table weight, but most good massage tables have a range of 22 to 46 lbs. Finding a good carrying weight is more of an issue if you have a portable massage table.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is more of a factor when choosing a good massage table. Most massage tables can hold between 400 and 600 lbs. This weight includes the weight of the client and the weight from the amount of pressure a massage therapist applies during a massage.

Type of Massage Table

The type of massage table a massage therapist selects will depend on how relevant it is to their massage services.

Portable vs Stationary

If a massage therapist plans on running a mobile business, they would want a portable massage table. If they plan on working from their home or at a massage parlor, they might want to use a stationary massage table.

Flat vs tilting

A massage therapist must also decide between a flat or tilting massage table. A flat massage table has a pretty simple design and doesn’t offer much adjustment. They tend to be cheaper, which is helpful for massage therapists with a limited budget.

A titling massage table allows a massage therapist to lift a section of the table into a vertical position. They are usually pricier than a flat-top massage table, but they will enable a massage therapist to provide a broader range of massage services.


Another important thing to consider is how durable the massage table is. Most people will want their tables to last for as long as possible.

Wood vs aluminum

The material a massage table is made out of plays a significant role in its durability. The two common options are wood and aluminum massage tables.

Wooden massage table

A wooden massage table is quite durable and can support much weight. However, it may require more maintenance than an aluminum massage table.

Aluminum massage table

An aluminum massage table is also pretty durable. Aluminum massage tables tend to be easier to maintain than wooden tables, but they may not be as sturdy.


The upholstery/covering also matters. Sanitary policies are stricter than ever, so a good massage table should have upholstery that won’t break apart after multiple cleanings.

Comfort Levels

A good massage table will offer great levels of comfort. There are two aspects you absolutely need to consider when determining how comfortable a massage table will be.


Foam plays a vital role in how comfortable a massage table will be. Most massage tables will have a form thickness of 2 inches, but you can get them with 3 inches of thickness. Massage tables with 3 inches of thickness tend to be more comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.


While upholstery matters a lot regarding durability, it also matters for how comfortable it will be.

Vinyl tends to be the most commonly used upholstery material. The two primary types of vinyl are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU).

High-quality PVC can feel nice on the skin, but cheap PVC is unpleasant. PU can be pricey, but it tends to feel like leather, which can feel pleasant on the skin.

Other factors to consider

Outside the ones already mentioned, other factors go into determining a good massage table. Some of these factors may hold less relevance than the ones previously mentioned, but they should still be considered.


Some brands will be better than others. You’ll want to do some research to look for brands with a good reputation and offer reliable products.


The warranty on a massage table will vary, and often, the warranties will apply to individual parts. For instance, the warranty on the upholstery might be shorter than the warranty on the cables and hinges.

If the warranty on a massage table lasts a long time, it could indicate that the massage table is quite durable. However, there are plenty of massage tables with short warranties that can still be good after many years of use.

Additional features and accessories

Additional features and accessories are nice to have on a massage table, but they should have a purpose. As nice as having things like armrests, bolsters, a sound system, or a heated mattress, they should be relevant to the massage services a massage therapist offers.

For example, having a sound system built into a massage table is a cool feature, but it isn’t necessary unless a massage therapist does some type of sound therapy.


Choosing a good massage table can be hard, and it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A massage therapist should take their time, research, and consider all the factors mentioned before making their final purchase.

Finding a good massage table is worth it, though. A good massage table will help massage clients feel more relaxed and eager to return for another massage.

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