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Nothing Says I Love You On Valentines’ Day Like A Couples Massage

Category: Gift Ideas, Massage

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Whether you’ve been bubbly and excited of what’s about to come or maybe you’re the one dreading and procrastinating that very same moment, Valentine’s day is almost here. Love it, like it, or just can’t stand it, it’s that time of year again to show your loved one how much you care. At Happy Head Massage in San Diego, they are making it easier than ever to get your shopping done with a couples massage.

Tired of the usual gifts? Flowers are always an option. If you like spending 5 times as much for flowers this time of year go right ahead. You can’t go wrong. Or maybe you can. If your loved one decides that flowers aren’t their thing, then you may be out of luck. And please don’t argue on Valentine’s. We’ve heard horrific stories of roses being the first thing to be tossed at the partner’s head. Don’t get hit in the head with flowers! Give happy head instead. It’s not that we don’t like flowers, just a little biased.

And then of course there’s chocolates. What greater way can you let your valentine know that you love them by stuffing them with chocolates, ruining their recent New Years’ weight loss resolutions, and possibly starting some crazy chocolate eating disorder. Or imagine the worst case scenario when all of a sudden your loved one becomes allergic to chocolates. Who wants to spend their Valentines evening in the emergency room.

And finally, a nice couples massage at the Happy Head Massage. Melt away their stresses and give them an hour or two to forget all the wrongs that you’ve done leading up to this special day. A massage at the Happy Head: Affordable. Relaxing. Generous. And truly tells your partner that you care about them.

Valentine’s week and Valentine’s Day are booking out fast! Don’t miss your chance to book a one hour couples’ Swedish massage for only $55 per person or truly indulge in a two hour couples’ Swedish massage for only $110 per person. Book online now or by calling any Happy Head location.