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The Benefits of Massage Therapy For Cancer Patients

Category: Health

Cancer patients undergo a tremendous amount of trauma, both physically and psychologically. More often than not, this pain is both physically and mentally draining. However, recent medical research shows that there may be some benefits for massage for cancer patients. Along with chemotherapy, massage therapy for cancer has numerous benefits for those being treated for cancer. Let us take a look at a few of the biggest benefits massage can bring into the lives of those fighting cancer.

We know that medications and chemotherapy sessions help in internal treatment, but did you know that massage therapy can greatly benefit cancer patients too? Massage therapy can help reduce the distress undergone by the cancer patients as a result of the battles faced on a day to day basis. Everything from tough doctors’ appointments to going through daily routines becomes a struggle, and massages produce a healing response to the recurring treatment of chemotherapy.

Massage also helps to improve blood flow throughout the entire body, thereby assisting the cancer patient to respond faster to medication and other chemotherapy sessions easier. When the blood circulation improves, recovery time shortens as new blood cells develop in body.

Cancer patients who receive massage therapy may also be more likely to have reduction in general pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and stress than other patients who have not received massage therapy. Typically cancer patients experience something called “edema”, which is swelling and accumulation of water in the ankles. This is usually a result of medication and other nerve debility that occurs during treatments. Massage therapy is known to help in reducing edema to a great extent by offering a boost of lymphatic flow during massage therapy.

Massage therapy is a holistic way of enhancing the benefits of other forms of cancer treatment. It offers both short term as well as long term benefits for cancer patients. Massage therapy is obviously not a cure for cancer. However, it may assist cancer patients going through therapy.