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Feeling A Pain In The Leg? Foot Reflexology For Shin Splints May Offer You Relief.

Category: Foot massage

After a good workout or even after just running a short distance do you feel a throbbing pain in your lower legs? If you do, then you may have shin splints. Asian Style foot reflexology massage may be a great option for obtaining relief for many people who suffer from shin splints.

Shin splints are common for many runners, basketball players, dancers and other sports or activities that involve starts and stops frequently. There is no say as to how long it takes for it to heal because each of us is different and the severity may range. There are, however, treatments and tricks that may help you get a speedy recovery.

Before we get into the treatments for shin splints, let us talk about what shin splints are and what causes them. According to Medical News Today, shin splints are an inflammatory condition on the front part of the tibia. When involved in any sort of strenuous activity the pain may happen. Shin splints have two main causes which are applying a great deal of pressure on the muscles in the lower legs and extreme impact on the muscles. Medical News Today explains that one can feel the pain early on in the activity and may persist throughout until the pain becomes so unbearable that the activity has to end. Common mistakes of those who feel that pain around their shins is to keep pushing past the pain in hopes that it will go away. This is wrong and should be avoided. When you feel that the pain is severe do not continue the activity. It is important to let it rest and give it time to heal in order to not make the problem worse. Some causes of shin splints are running on terrain that is uneven or on slanted surfaces. These may also include running with inappropriate gear, such as shoes, stress fractures in the bones, flat feet where the arch collapses, and activities that involve frequent bursts of stops and starts.

Since shin splint severity may vary it is best to not do extraneous activities for a few days. Here are some tips to help in aiding to heal shin splints. Rest does the body good. WebMD recommends icing your shins, for 20 minutes every 4 hours for about 3 days or until the pain is no longer there. Buy arch supports for your shoes. That way if you have what they call flat feet, your arch will have support. The most common tip is stretching.

Another recommendation is foot reflexology massage. Foot massage helps with various types of conditions and it may help with shin splints. The therapists use various techniques to help soothe the pain and release any tension that the pain may be causing. Massage helps release tension so that you can avoid getting the pain that shin splints cause. Asian style foot reflexology massage is a great choice for shin splints because it focuses more on the feet and legs. Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego has perfected the art of Asian style foot reflexology massage. Many people come to Happy Head Massage in San Diego for the foot massage to get relief from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other lower extremity problems.