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Is Bad Posture Causing You Back Pain?

Category: Chiropractic

Posture is one of the first things that get noticed when meeting someone new. Years of sitting at the computer can, unfortunately, take a toll on our body. One of the most common signs of bad posture is the dreaded “hunchback”. Bad posture can lead to years of nagging back injuries and pain. Posture is a key component in our health, so why not take simple steps to improve it?

The first step that needs to be taken is acknowledgement. Noticing when you are suffering from bad posture is going to help you correct it in the long run. There are two major types of ways that you could be suffering from bad posture. The first, as I mentioned earlier, is from sitting at a computer. Not only does this cause hunching over to type, it may also cause different leg positions that, while you think it’s more comfortable, may actually be hurting your back. Crossing of the legs and ankles should try to be avoided! Sitting with your feet flat on the floor, in front of your knees, with a small space between your knees and the end of the chair is ideally the best position to sit in. This allows both your middle and lower back to be supported by the chair. Try to pull your shoulders back as much as possible, while still being able to type comfortably. The second way to suffer from bad posture is by working at a job that requires a lot of standing and bending at the waist. Recognizing the way you stand can be crucial to improving posture. Make sure to keep your legs shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly, keep your weight on the balls of your feet, pull your shoulders back slightly, and tuck your tummy in.

Chiropractic adjustments are also something to consider helping with your posture. Aligning your spine every couple of weeks will allow it to feel better, in addition to practicing your new posture stances. Your chiropractor can also give you exercises to do that can help strengthen back muscles that could help your posture in the long run. Being aware of your bad posture and taking action is the only way to improve it. Just remember, it is your body, and you can change it to be how you want it to be.