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Stay Fit This Summer With Massage

Category: Sports

During the summer is when people become most active, and with that activity comes more tension and stress both mentally and physically. So what is an easy, healthy, and enjoyable way to keep fit while increasing activity? Massage therapy! Weather spending the summer training for a marathon or just playing soccer with the kids, massage therapy is a great way to stay in peak condition. Studies performed by “The American Massage Therapy Association” show that massage reduces muscle tension and it also can help to improve exercise performance as well as be a way of prevention from injuries.

Along with the warmer months of the year people tend to be busier too. With the kids out of school, family vacations, and party planning, things can get hectic and stressful. Massage is a perfect way to not only get rid of your physical tension but mental stress as well. Taking the time to unwind for an hour or more massage can do wonders to help calm and soothe the mind. And all this can be done just by being regularly massaged. This is a great option for someone looking for a holistic way to relieve stress as opposed to using Western medicine techniques.

Are you on yard duty this summer? Or maybe beach bumming it? After a long hot day of gardening or even a beach day of volleyball, the body can take a beating and it’s important to make sure to take the right steps to stay healthy. Stretching and hydration is important, but this isn’t always enough to stay tension and stress free. That’s where massage can play apart in a summer routine. Also, for someone that is suffering from a preexisting issue like arthritis or sciatica, summer activities can really take their toll. A massage can help to ease these painful symptoms that may occur. Although these summer activities are fun and great they can bring a lot of stress on the body, so take the time to heal and relax by getting a massage.

There are different styles of massage. Try different kinds of massage to see which is right for you.