Make You Happy GuaranteeGreat Massage Without The Spa Price…Guaranteed!

We know that selecting the right massage establishment for your massage needs is an important choice. Nothing is worse than spending your time and hard earned money on a bad massage. That’s why at the Happy Head we do something that other massage establishments refuse to do. We know that you’ll always get a great massage without the spa price at Happy Head and we are backing up our words and actions with our Make You Happy Guarantee.

Here are the details…

If you decide during the first 15 minutes of your massage that you do not like the massage for any reason, all you have to do is tell the therapist to contact the front desk or you can directly tell the therapist that you would like a different massage therapist. We will replace the masseuse with a different available therapist to redo the massage from the beginning.

Guarantee Rules and Restrictions:

>>> You must ask the massage therapist to be replaced with a new massage therapist within the first 15 minutes of the massage.

>>> Once requesting a new therapist, it may take up to 15 minutes to provide a new therapist. No time will deducted from the new massage.

>>> If you are unable to wait 15 minutes, or there is no other therapist available, you will be provided with a Happy Head Massage gift card to redo the massage a different day with a different massage therapist at no charge.

>>> Any massage performed past the 15 minutes is considered as receiving the full service and is not valid for the guarantee. For further assistance, please complete the online feedback form to contact management.

>>> The guarantee may only be used once per service and may not be used again for the replaced massage.

>>> Happy Head Massage reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and reserves the right to refuse the Make You Happy Guarantee to anyone that we feel takes advantage of the guarantee for own personal gain, takes advantage of the guarantee for multiple times that would be deemed an unreasonable amount, and for any other reason that Happy Head Massage may feel necessary. But don’t worry, we just want you to enjoy your massages at Happy Head so this restriction is mostly here for those few individuals that try to take too much advantage for personal gain or requests extra services.

>>> At Happy Head we understand that our massage is not for everyone. If after getting your massage, and taking advantage of the guarantee, and you still do not like the services received at Happy Head, then it is possible that Happy Head Massage may not be the right fit for you and we encourage to check out some of the other massage establishments throughout San Diego. If you’d like us to refer you to another massage establishment, please let us know.

>>> We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.