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Discover The Health Benefits Of Massage

Category: Health

Massage has many health benefits. Some of the health benefits of massage include relaxation, stress relief, and reduction of pain. This has been known for many years and seen in many cultures all over the world. Even now in present day massage is viewed as a therapy for healing and there is tons of research being done by medical professionals showing all the health benefits of massage for many different people with different ailments. The fact is, even when massage can’t help with getting rid of pain or help cure a disease, just the touch of another human being can help drastically improve someone’s emotional outlook on life.

Massage is mostly commonly known for the relief of body pain. This is especially present in the reduction of back pain as shown. Research done by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Center for Health Studies found that massage reduced back pain due to release of tension in muscles and tendons as well as many other factors. Massage has also shown huge benefits for all different types of cancer patients but specifically in women with breast cancer. In a study performed by the University of the Miami School of Medicine, breast cancer patients that got massages three times a week reported lower levels of depression, anxiety, and anger compared to women who received no massage. It seemed to also help boost the immune system and help the women get in better touch with their bodies.

Any massage can help with depression, anxiety and extreme stress as well as other mental conditions. This is a big part of healing for almost any physical diseases and disorder. It has been shown that someone in a poor mental state heals from ailments slower than someone in a good mental state that is happy and relaxed! It can be a common cold or even a tumor and being happy and unstressed may help to speed the process of getting healthy and back to normal health.

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress, decrease back pain, feel better, and improve overall health. Enjoy the health benefits of massage by getting massages on a regular basis.


One thought on “Discover The Health Benefits Of Massage

  1. Avatar for happyhead

    Charlotte Fleet

    Thanks for explaining how massage can help with extreme stress or anxiety. My older sister has a huge work project due in a few weeks, and she has been immensely stressed because of it. I think her project will go more smoothly if she is less stressed, so I’ll have to book her an appointment with a reputable massage therapy service.

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