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How to Get the Most Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Category: Massage

Looking for a few tips to ensure you get the most benefits of massage before you come into Happy Head for your next massage? Well, we’ve compiled every little detail about what we think is necessary to make your next massage absolutely perfect and customized for you.

First things first, it is important to communicate. Don’t be shy! This massage is all about you, so if there are certain things you like or don’t like, or certain areas needing a bit more attention than others, be sure to let the receptionists know. At times there can be a bit of a language barrier between yourself and your therapist, so if you let the receptionist know how we can better your massage, they can be sure to get your point across to your massage therapist. This way everyone wins!

It is customary for our massage therapists to use oils and lotion on your skin to improve relaxation and reduce friction throughout your massage. All of our lotions and oils are hypoallergenic and great for every skin type. However, if you prefer our therapists don’t use these solutions, or if you’d like your therapist to stay away from certain areas, we are happy to customize this for you so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Relaxing music and comforting tunes will be heard throughout your massage. If it is too loud for your taste (or not loud enough), be sure to let someone know right away so that we can adjust the volume of your private room.

Lastly, provide your therapist with feedback throughout your massage to help them understand how they can best customize your massage as you like. For example, if you have issues with pressure or the speed of the therapists’ hands, they can adjust to make you more comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Come into one of our four locations today and get the special treatment you need. Whether you like deep, heavy pressure or the easy, relaxing motions of the Swedish massage, our experienced therapists are ready to customize your massage to your individual taste. And remember, the remedial effects of massage therapy are most obvious after cumulative, regular massages. So make this your weekly treat, and watch your overall health improve.

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