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Are You Too Sore To Stretch Those Tight Muscles? Try Lazy Yoga.

Category: Massage

One of the biggest trends seen these days is fitness. An overwhelming amount of people are now motivated to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. According to, in a healthy active living article, 45 million Americans now have a gym membership. Since we are one of the top overweight countries in the world, it is no wonder why people are resorting to eating healthier and exercising more. But do these new gym members know the best way to keep their body fit and muscles growing? Many new gym goers do not know how important it is to stretch out their muscles while others do not know how. When people skip stretching, it ultimately cheats them of optimal gains and can cause them to lose strength and endurance. Without the flexibility that comes from stretching, the muscles begin to restrict the body from performing in the gym to the best of their ability which means no matter how much time you invest in the gym, you will not get results you worked for.
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A relaxing and easy way to get that stretch and flexibility in is through Thai Massage. In traditional Thai Massage, the massage therapist performs rhythmic compression along energy lines using acupressure along the body to warm up and soften the muscles. Then, they continue with yoga-like stretches allowing access to new fibers for lengthening the muscles. By moving, loosening and stretching the muscles, they have less of a chance of being strained and causing injuries. Thai Massage helps to tone the body, strengthen joints, improve posture and increase mobility. Along with those physical benefits, it also has great physiological benefits such as boosting energy levels, helps to build stamina and assists in building internal power.
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Whether you are new to fitness or just looking for a massage with the best of both worlds, a Thai Combo massage at Happy Head Massage offers combination of deep tissue massage along with the energizing effects of Thai Massage for an ultimate revitalizing experience.


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