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What to Wear During a Massage Session

Category: Massage
Woman not sure on what to wear

For first-timers and even some experienced massage clients, it can be tough to decide on what to wear to a massage session. You might not know whether to keep all your clothes on, be semi-clothed, undressed to your underwear, or go completely nude.

There isn’t a correct answer to what you should wear during a massage session. You should undress to a level you feel comfortable with. However, having more clothing on can hinder your massage experience. Additionally, there are certain types of clothing you’ll want to avoid.

Let’s take a look at the clothing options you have when getting a massage.

What to wear (and not wear) to a massage session

You don’t want to overdress when you’re planning to get a massage. Wearing your Sunday’s best or club attire isn’t advised.

It can be understandable if you wear work attire (like a business suit, blazer, blouse, or pencil skirt) if you get a massage after work, but you typically don’t need such nice clothing.

Your usual street clothes should be fine when going to a massage session. The fewer layers of clothes, the better. You should also avoid wearing unnecessary amounts of jewelry or other accessories.

If you plan on undressing, what you wear doesn’t matter too much. Although, you would ideally want to wear clothes that are easy to remove and put back on.

If you’re going to a high-end spa, you might want to dress up a bit. Again, it depends if you decide to be clothed during your massage.

Clothing options when getting a massage

When you’re getting your massage, you have several options regarding the number of clothes you have on.

Fully clothed

It’s common for people to feel awkward or not want to be undressed in front of a stranger. It’s a primary reason why some people don’t like to undress when getting a massage, which is fine. Your massage therapist will still be able to give you your massage, although you might not be able to reap all the benefits.

You want to wear comfortable clothing. Loose and baggy t-shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and comfortable underwear are recommended. Loose dresses are also fine.

You should also keep in mind that your massage therapist will usually use massage oils, which can get on your clothes. It can usually be washed out, but there are no guarantees it won’t leave a stain or discoloration, so you should wear clothing you don’t mind getting oil on.


Some people like the comfort of still having some of their clothes on but are fine with removing their shirts or pants. This option can work well for people who are seeking relief in specific parts of their body, but there are limitations.

For instance, you might be seeking a massage to help with relieving back pain. You would think all you need to do is remove your shirt, and the massage therapists will have no issues performing the massage.

While massage therapists will have an easier time, they might run into issues. If you’re wearing a bra, it can be tough for massage therapists to use all their normal massage techniques. It can disrupt their flow and hinder their ability to target center muscle groups. Additionally, when getting a massage for back pain, a massage therapist may need to target your glutes, and keeping your pants on can impede the massage therapist’s ability to target that area.

Undressed to your underwear

Another common choice people will make is to undress to their underwear. Some people don’t mind having a stranger see them undressed but still want to preserve some modesty.

If you’re undressed to your underwear, your massage therapist will have a better time giving a massage to the best of their abilities. They’ll have less fabric they have to work around, allowing them to have an easier time working on your body.

There are some limitations. For example, bra straps can still be tough to navigate around. However, some people are comfortable taking their bra off temporarily to accommodate.

Completely nude

Being completely nude is an option many people will choose simply because it’s the one they feel most comfortable with. Some people find being naked helps them relax more.

When you don’t have any clothes on, your massage therapist will have a better time addressing various muscles and tissue, which can help maximize your relaxation. You’ll also not have to worry about what clothing you’re wearing before your massage, which can put many people at ease.

One thing to keep in mind is you’ll have a towel, sheet, or blanket to cover your body, so you’ll not exactly be completely nude. Your massage therapist will only uncover parts of your body they need to work on. You’ll also have your private parts consistently covered.

Do what feels right

What to wear during a massage will vary, and the choice is up to you. Whatever choice you make, your massage therapist will adjust.

Having more clothes can prevent you from getting all the benefits you’d typically get from a massage, but many are still satisfied and feel refreshed if they wear clothes. Just be mindful of wearing comfortable clothes if you decide to keep them on.

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