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The Many Health Benefits of Asian Foot Massage

Category: Foot massage
health benefits of asian massage

Massage of any kind is relaxing and promotes a feeling of calmness to an individual. Foot massage has been known to be good for health and well-being. Foot massage is common throughout the east as a healing method. Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego has brought this great art of massage to locations all over San Diego.  Not only are we local experts in the art of Asian foot massage, but we also offer numerous other massage services and chiropractic care.

What is Asian Foot Massage?

Foot massage or reflexology works in a similar manner as acupuncture. Each area of the foot corresponds with another area of the body and by massaging each part of the foot, you may be working on your liver, kidney, colon, stomach, etc. Thus, if you experience constipation, a massage through your feet can help in your bowel movement problems.

What are some of the Health Benefits of Asian Foot Massage?

Health benefits of massage are not entirely proven, but many claim they work. It is said that reflexology can get rid of toxins, help your circulation, improve body functions and even improve memory. Foot massage is also great for conditions like plantar fasciitis. Many people in San Diego come to Happy Head for Asian Foot Reflexology. And what’s really wonderful is that it feels wonderful. The massage therapists at the Happy Head are well trained in the art of foot massage.

Does Asian Foot Massage Hurt?

Foot massage is generally not painful. Most people say that it feels wonderful. If you are worried about pain or have a painful condition in the feet, this should not deter you if you are considering a foot massage. Just explain to the foot reflexologist about your low tolerance for pain and ask him or her to adjust the pressure applied.

If nothing else, the biggest health benefit of an Asian foot massage will help melt away the day’s stress. Your feet take the biggest beating throughout the day. They have to get you where you need to go and hold up your entire body weight. People tend to overlook their feet. However, hurting feet may just render a person immobile.

With many new age ideas filtering to the west, foot massage has also become more popular in areas like the United States. It is a natural way of treatment after a long hard day. The health benefits of foot massage may be disputed but it never hurts to try it out and see what benefits it may hold for you.