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Lube Up Before Your Massage

Category: Health

As we all know, it is important to keep your body hydrated with water. But many people overlook the benefits of keeping your body extra hydrated, especially if they are going to get a massage. Lack of water in your body creates your blood to become thick which makes it harder for a massage therapist to wrestle out those irritating knots. Drinking plenty of water before a massage is just as important as drinking lots of water after the massage. Hydration for massage is very important.

Staying hydrated before will loosen up and lubricate joints allowing the massage therapist to perform deep work, manipulating muscles more easily. Increasing circulation in your body will boost the blood flow in your muscle tissues assisting a “flush” of any unwanted toxins or poison. During a massage, you find ultimate pleasure because a specific part of your body has been deprived of nutrients blocked out by these uncomfortable knots. When a working muscle is dehydrated, it desperately searches for a water source only allowing itself to attach to muscle tissue. This causes flushing out metabolic wastes and lactic acid from our muscles rather than letting them continue to absorb back in.

The body naturally flushes itself out in two ways- a hydration flush as well as a toxin flush. A hydration flush manipulates tension in your muscles naturally by massaging fluids throughout the body breaking up lactic acid, preventing any type of harsh soreness after a hard workout or deep tissue massage. On a daily basis, unlimited amounts of minerals absorb into our bodies and build up over time. With massage, this helps release toxins out of the muscles and into the rest of the body allowing them to be flushed out.

When you are stressed or tense, these knots tend to form between your shoulders and your back which makes life a lot more uncomfortable. Ever wonder why the massage therapist chases you after the massage to offer you water. Well now you know. Keep yourself hydrated and the benefits of massage therapy will last much longer.