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Massage For Migraines May Be The Answer To Getting Rid Of Your Headache

Category: Health

We have all suffered from migraines at one point or another. In fact, head pain is the most common medical complaint amongst adults in the United States. Although there is still no cure for these painful aches, more research has proved that massage for migraines may be the best natural aide in putting a halt to your pain. Whether you’re lucky enough to only experience them every so often or you are a habitual victim of migraines, Happy Head Massage may offer you the relief you’re looking for.

Most migraines are caused by stress and tension. It just so happens that massage is one of the most effective, natural cure for both of these ailments. Research at The Touch Institute of the University Of Miami School Of Medicine found that massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms, all the while increasing serotonin levels in adults with migraine headaches.

Some of the best massage techniques used to rid migraine sufferers of their pain are reflexology and Swedish massage. Reflexology focuses on trigger points on the body that are known to release huge amounts of tension when the correct pressure and technique is used on each area. Swedish massage involves more motion stimulation, which then promotes relaxation throughout the entire body. Happy Head Massage offers both types of massages and many more. They can also cater to your individual needs and areas of concern.

Doctors worldwide recommend those who suffer from migraines spend at least one hour per day doing something that involves completely relaxing every muscle in the body. What better way to relax your entire body with a massage.

There are other factors that may cause migraines as well. These include allergies, stress, injuries, and more. Please be sure to consult with your medical provider when it comes to the treatment of your migraine headaches.