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Learning to Live With Multiple Sclerosis

Category: Alternative Medicine

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disabling, uncontrollable, and unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. The disease causes disruption of the flow of information within the brain, as well as the flow between the brain and the body. The true cause of MS is still unknown. Although, there are many beliefs’ on what the cause could be. The most prevalent beliefs’ are environmental factors, genetic factors, and infectious factors like bacteria people are predisposed to at a young age. Although many of these theories have supporting facts to them, medical researchers feel there is more research to be done.

Multiple Sclerosis has affected about 2.5 million people globally. The amounts vary in different areas of the world. It s found twice as common in woman as it is in men. The disease has different “stages”. At some points a person may just have an a small “flare up” where symptoms of the MS are not so debilitating then there are more serious “flare up” where in inflammation is very high and the symptoms can become very difficult to live with and may cause permanent nerve damage. Symptoms of MS include impaired ability to walk or move normally, paralysis, depression, and spasms. They may also experience all over constant weakness. There may be fatigue, numbness and tingling that can be very uncomfortable. Although there is no real cure for MS, there are things that can be done to help improve the symptoms. Medications play a huge role in MS and work is being done every day to find a cure.

For now, massage therapy combined with Western medical treatment can be a huge help to many that suffer from MS. During a more acute “flare up”, it is probably the better time to receive massage. There is not a problem being massage during a stronger “flare up” but the benefits of massage can most likely be more enjoyed, as well as tolerated, during a time where the symptoms are not as strong.

Massage can help people to live with MS in a few ways. One way is to help relieve stress and depression which is a very big problem in most MS patients. Touch can be very healing for someone in a constant battle with their own body. The most amazing thing massage can do is to greatly help to relieve the numbness and the “pins and needles” feeling so many MS patients suffer from. Listen to other customers testimonials about their experience with massage therapy.

The pressure for the massage can be deep but it shouldn’t be applied directly on the numb area. The best results are found by applying a deep pressure to the surrounding areas of numbness. If the nerve damage is not too severe then after a few sessions of massage therapy, some feelings may be regained in the affected areas. This is not permanent and is not preventative, but still a great improvement in living with MS every day.