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Happy Head Massage Tips For A Better Massage Experience

Category: Massage

At Happy Head Massage we try do our jobs the best we can accommodate any situation, but here are a few massage tips to help any Happy Head experience run smoother!


  • Do request any specifics before going into your massage! This helps everyone be one the same page and helps us assure you get the right massage for you! If you have a specific therapist you’d like to request or even male or female let the receptionist know so we can reserve them for you. Some of our therapist don’t speak much English so if there is anywhere during the massage you would like to be focused on or have avoided communicate that to the front desk as well so we can make sure the therapists understand!
  • Do bring a tip for your therapist! At Happy Head tips are much appreciated! Tips can be given at the end of the massage, they are cash only and we have ATM available at all locations! Don’t be shy to ask for change, we are happy to help! It is customary in Asian cultures to escort customer to the front when finishing massage to wait for their gratuity. Please don’t feel followed or offended by this, it’s a part of their culture.
  • Do join our loyalty programs! Even better than a membership, we offer many loyalty rewards to our customers, without paying a monthly fee! The first time at Happy Head make sure to sign up for our mailing list with many offers and specials, even a free Birthday massage! Also make sure to grab a stamp card or download our free phone app, where you can get stamps for every massage at any Happy Head location and earn a free massage!
  • Do give us feed back! We always appreciate great yelp reviews and feedback comments that can be sent on the website! But we do like to know when something went wrong so we can make it right! So if there are any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to speak up! You can let the front desk know or go to our website and fill out our feedback form and we will make sure it get back to you as soon as we can so we can’t make things right or give you appreciation for you positive feedback!
  • Do RELAX! Here at Happy Head we want you to have the best massage possible! So once you walk through our doors we want you to try and relax and forget about the daily stress! If there is anything we can do to help you do that, please let us know! We have ear plugs, water, extra blanket, whatever you need to reach your zen, just let us know!!!
  • Do try and find a baby sitter! We love kids at Happy Head, but sometimes other customers chose to come here to get a break from their children so please be respectful of their peace and quiet! If something comes up and you can’t find anyone to watch you kids please choose a private room massage so no one else in disturbed in the community room!
  • Do try and arrive a little early! It’s much appreciated at Happy Head when customers come in even just 5 minutes early! That gives you time to fill out paperwork, make your payment, and use the restroom if needed. If more than a group of 3 people, 10 to 15 minutes early is ideal, that way we can get the whole group back at the same time and on time so that the days schedule isn’t thrown off!
  • Do communicate any health or medical concerns before going in to your massage! If there is something you’re not sure is okay to be massaged, please try and speak with your doctor before coming in to see us!

That’s it. Make your massage experience better by following some of these massage tips.