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Health Benefits Of Reflexology Massage

Category: Foot massage

Ever wonder if a reflexology massage is just a simple foot rub? If you believe that is true then here is the real deal on the benefits of a reflexology massage. This alternative therapy has been practiced and old enough to be traced back to 2500 B.C., yet it’s modern enough to be one of the fastest growing fields in alternative therapies.

Laurie Azzarella, a certified reflexologist and trainer with the International Institute of Reflexology, says that reflexology deals with the principle that there are reflexes on the hands and feet that correspond to all our organs, glands and other parts of your body.

If you have been injured or lacking energy, reflexology can help restore, balance and coax your body into healing itself. It can also relieve the pain of multiple sclerosis and cancer treatments, but it should not replace conventional drugs like chemotherapy.

People turn to reflexology not only for relaxation and improved circulation, but also as a supplement to the traditional medical treatment of such ailments as sinus pain, joint pain, back pain, and circulatory and digestive issues. Using a unique finger and thumb technique on the reflex areas on hands and feet, the body releases stress and tension, improves blood supply and unlocks nerve impulses. This promotes homeostasis and helps one achieve health and well being.

Reflexology balances the body, relaxes the body, and therefore, improves blood flow, unblocking nerve endings. Most reflexology massages are about 30 to 60 minutes and mainly focuses on the soles of your feet, however they do work on your hand , legs, and a little on the back. This type of massage is with clothes on so try to dress in light clothes like work out attire.

Chinese doctors believe that our bodies are composed of the opposing forces of yin and yang. They feel that they need to work in harmony for us to achieve health and vitality. Reflexology massage is a great healthcare alternative. Not only is foot reflexology great for foot ailments, many people use it to help them with other ailments as well.