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Early Bird Gets The Worm: 3 Reasons Why Morning People Are More Successful

Category: Happy Head Massage Coupons and Discounts

Professional athletes, CEOs, artists and countless people deemed to be successful individuals have a secret weapon that all have access to, but few choose to take advantage of. We’re talking about waking up early morning.

They say that the early bird catches the worm. This is true, especially if you’re a bird looking for a worm.

But even as a human being, there are many reasons to forget about that snooze button and start your day early.

So stop sleeping your life away and discover these 3 reasons to start your day early:

1. More Productivity

Getting up early gives you a kick start to the day. Besides giving you extra time to get more done, it also boosts the speed at which you get stuff done. Studies have suggested that getting up early may make you more energetic and helps you take lesser time to do a task.

2. Mental Fitness

Looking for ways to reduce your stress level? Waking up early eliminates the need to rush out the door and stressing out about being on time. Start your day relaxed and focused.

3. Get $5 Off Any Massage Before 12pm

We’ve saved the best for last. For the rest of December get $5 off any massage if you come in before 12pm Monday through Friday. So not only does the early bird get the worm, the bird can get a great massage as well without the spa price. To score this deal, just book online at and use code EARLY5 in the discount code section. Remember, this deal is only good till the end of the month (December 2017) and is only valid Monday through Friday before 12pm. It’s also not valid with any other offers.

Want more reasons to wake up early? Google it. Want a great massage without the spa price? Use the early bird special.