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Can Swedish Massage Improve Your Health?

Category: Health

Everyone has questions on really how a massage works. Especially with the different types of massage and techniques that can work out your knots and aches. Massage causes physiological changes in your body through many things. One is the relaxation response. It is an involuntary but predictable response of the nervous system to the massage techniques and touch. Both of these can cause physical and emotional benefits to the body. A caring, safe and soft touch such as in Swedish massage is an invitation to relaxation. Along with pain relief it generally produces a relaxation response.

Relaxation response is where the heart and breathing rate slows down, your blood pressure goes down, stress of hormone decrease, and muscles relax. During this response, serotonin increases. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that produces happy thoughts and emotions. This may decrease the effects of stress and risks associated with stress. Anxiety, insomnia and list of other ailments may be helped by Swedish massage. Physical manipulation in the massage has two major physical effects on the body. These are increase in blood and lymph circulation and normalization of the soft tissue. Having a Swedish massage is believed to improve your blood and lymph circulation. It is due partly to the physical manipulation of the soft tissue and also to the chemicals released. Having improved circulation can enhance the transportation of oxygen and the nutrients necessary for your muscle cells to function properly. With the improvement cellular health, the tissues function properly.

Massage therapy relaxes the muscle tissue and alleviates painful contractions and spasms. When the muscle is contracted it sometimes compresses the nerves around them. Relaxing the muscle with a massage relieves the pressure on the compressed nerve. Another benefit of massage is on the internal organs. The organs share the same neurological pain pathways as the muscles, bones and the nerves. Many people always wonder how a massage is working on their body. What they don’t know is how good it can be for your health. You may hurt afterwards but your body is thanking you!