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Massaging Your Baby!

Category: Health

I am sure the sound of it sounds a bit odd, but it has been proven that if a parent learns how to massage their baby properly it can provide great health benefits and a special way to bond.  Although Happy Head does not provide services like this, we thought it would be good to get the word out to other parents, and to prompt them to come in and get a massage of their own.  You deserve it as a hard working parent! There are classes that one can take to learn good methods of touch, movement, interaction, and communication with your infant.  

The baby will benefit from the bonding experience they have with their new parents.  When one has learned how to massage an infant correctly it can really be useful in the long run when it comes to intimacy and communication between child and parent.  Physically, babies can benefit from massages because the help to prevent growing pains discomfort, muscle tension, cramps, and teething discomfort.  Behavioral and sleep patterns can also be regulated more smoothly when infants receive massages.  Come into Happy Head today to get some ideas from one of our massages, and like I said you deserve to be pampered as a hard working mommy or daddy so book an appointment online or call us today!