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Latest News PLUS One Awesome $5 Coupon!

Category: Discounts

In our latest news, we’ve been running a big campaign to help support the fight against human trafficking in San Diego. If you purchased a 90 minute massage during the month of April, $5 of your purchase was donated towards supporting this worthy cause. Thank you so much for your help. It feels great knowing that your purchase may help these silent victims.

In our ongoing effort to ensure that you always get a great massage without the spa price with no memberships and contracts, starting in May, the Asian Style Massage will increase to $39. I’m sure you’ve seen other businesses raise prices and give you all sorts of excuses such as higher rent, rising employee wages, changes in regulations, or whatever other excuse they can conjure up. I’m going to be straightforward with you and lay it all on the line. We have to increase our prices because…

We’ve gotten pretty darn busy and we want to ensure that customers that come to Happy Head get the best possible massage. Our goal is not to herd in as many customers in like cattle. And the idea of setting up appointments for customers 3 to 5 days out is not something that we would consider. We want you to have a great massage without the spa price TODAY, not 5 days from now. Therefore, while we understand that a slight price increase will turn away a small percentage of customers that are looking for the lowest possible price, it will allow us to ensure that customers that continue to come to us get above and beyond what they pay for.

All of our other prices will remain unchanged and the prices at the Carlsbad location will be reduced to match all of the other locations. In addition, we want our existing customers to get the best possible deals so we will continue to offer more deals and discounts that will be exclusive to our customers. To start you off, we’ve included a $5 coupon in this post that you may use towards the Asian Style Massage during the month of May. Just print it out or book online and use code “5LOVE” to get the discount.

Thank you again for being wonderful Happy Head customers. We will continue to do our absolute best to ensure that your hard earned money is well spent on a great massage without the spa price.

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