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Is it Healthy To Get A Massage Regularly? Or Is Too Much Of A Good Thing Bad For You?

Category: Massage

When you are stressed out, sore, and tired, getting a massage is a great, healthy, way to relax and rejuvenate. But is there a point where too many is too much? Is getting too much massage harmful to you? Luckily, getting a massage regularly is actually a great thing for your body. There are both physiological and psychological benefits to getting a massage on a regular basis.

Your muscular system takes up about half of your body structure and accounts for a quarter of your blood flow, so anything that directly affects your muscles will have an effect on the rest of your body. Most massage techniques allow your muscles to refresh the supply of oxygenated blood, which clears out any toxins and painful natural chemicals that may be trapped in them, which ultimately increases the proper function, circulation, and comfort of the muscle fibers. Of course, some people experience post-massage bruising, however, this is a natural occurrence.

Speaking of blood, regular massage is great for your circulatory system. As mentioned above, fresh oxygenated blood is able to circulate throughout your body much easier due to an increase in the rate and force of your heartbeat during your massage. The extra blood flow also helps with your skeletal system: the pressure and massage on your joints help to move around the fluids and nutrients to stimulate growth, heal the ligaments, and help pinched nerves.

Regular massage also helps you psychologically. After a massage, you tend to feel more relaxed and at ease than when you first entered. This is partially due to the physiological benefits, such as blood circulation and releasing toxins. Still, a key part to a great massage is allowing you to let go and relax mentally.

So there you have it, as if you needed more of a reason to get a massage! However, if you have a significant fever, an uncontrolled infection, surgery or a severe recent sports injury, it is recommended that you hold off from your regular massage until fully healed. A massage can sometimes overstimulate the body, which prevents it from healing properly.

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