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Happy Head Reveals The Secret Behind Their Name

Category: Asian Massage

For years many have wondered where the Happy Head name came from. Up until now there has only been rumor and speculation. The founders of Happy Head Massage in San Diego are now finally disclosing the real origin behind the name and putting all rumors to rest.

Walking through the streets of Saigon in Vietnam, you’ll see hundreds of massage parlors. Some are good. Some are just downright dirty. But one of those massage establishments caught the attention of two tourists looking to explore the city. With shining neon lights and glowing signs, one sign stood out from the crowd. The sign drew the attention with the words ¨come massage your head and be happy.” As they walked through the doors into a grimy massage establishment and five bucks spent later they received one of the best head massages that anyone could ever imagine.

Fast forward six months later and returning back home to the United States, the memory of this wonderful massage gets these 2 tourists searching again for this service. But searching for a great massage without the spa prices in San Diego only brought disappointment and very little hope. What they found in most of the Asian massage parlors in San Diego were dirty massage therapy establishments, poor service, inconsistent massage therapy, and cheap prices which were still worth less than what they were paying. And paying a higher price only got them stuck with memberships and contracts at spas that they didn’t want or prices that seemed unreasonable for the service provided. After coming to the conclusion that what they were looking for didn’t exist, they decided to create their own massage establishment in San Diego.

The creation of the Happy Head began with one idea. They wanted to create a great massage without the spa prices. They wanted a clean and professional massage establishment that even rivals high end spas. They wanted therapists that were the best in their field. They wanted to create a service that required no contracts or memberships as they believed that if people loved the massage service they would come over and over again because they want to, not because they have to. And all along as they were creating their list there was one massage service that kept coming to mind. They kept remembering the wonderful massage that they received in Asia that made the promise of making their head happy.

When it came to selecting a name for their massage establishment, they always kept recalling their experience of the head massage. They remembered how happy their head felt after their massage and wanted to do the same for others. And hence, the Happy Head Massage name was born. Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage opened their first establishment in the Hillcrest area of San Diego in 2011. And even though the Happy Head name brought hesitation to some, overall it was a name that wouldn’t be forgotten.

Happy Head Massage was an instant success. It filled a void in the massage industry that could not and would not be filled by the current Asian style massage establishments. And the name while to some was found offensive as they felt it insinuated happy endings, to many it was fun, memorable, and cool. After all, being so brazen with a name couldn’t possibly mean what first may come to mind. It was a fun poke toward the massage industry that seemed way too serious at the time. To get their name out, they offered their first 1000 customers a free Headgasm which was inline with their name. A Headgasm was a scalp massage tool that was an added bonus that customers could take home to make their head happy.

Four years later and several locations later, Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego is the place to go to when looking for a great massage without the spa prices. Is the Happy Head name the secret to their success? It probably helped in establishing a memorable brand, but the real success is their customers. Mike, one of the founders of Happy Head had this to say when asked about their success: ¨The customers that walk through the Happy Head doors are the real secret behind the success. We regularly listen to them and take the advice that they give us. We take what they like and expand on it and listen to what they don’t like and get rid of it. It really is that simple.¨

Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage continues to expand to more locations throughout Southern California and constantly works on improving their services by listening to the customers perspective. The Happy Head is open 7 days a week from 10am till 9pm. The price of a massage starts at only $29 for a one hour Asian style foot reflexology massage. They never offer memberships or contracts. They constantly strive to give customers a memorable experience.

The Happy Head name is now becoming synonymous with the term massage. Many San Diegans will say “I’m going to the Happy Head” instead of using the word massage. And thats because the Happy Head doesn’t give customers a massage. A massage can be purchased just about anywhere. The Happy Head gives their customers a true experience that is unmatched in the industry.