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Feeling Down? Consider A Massage For Depression

Category: Alternative Medicine

Massage therapy helps with many things, but did you know it may help with depression? Depression is often called a mental illness that entails an overwhelming sense of sadness, loss and hopelessness. Depression is usually caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Did you know that massage for depression can help release serotonin in the body. This creates feelings of happiness. It can also cause physical changes that normal psychotherapy or even medication cannot. Massage therapy however cannot replace medical treatment for depression. Be sure to consult with your medical physician if you are suffering from depression.

Massage therapy can help reduce the levels of stress hormones which help decrease the stress symptoms. These include elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and the feeling of anxiety. The benefits of getting a massage while having depression can help one to overcome low self-esteem, insomnia, anxiety, chronic stress, and even eating disorders. It can bring someone from a hopeless, collapsed structure to one that is supported. Massage therapy has been known to help people feel stronger and more capable of being able to deal with issues of their depression. One of the key areas that the massage therapist can focus on is the musculature and connective tissue of the neck followed by the top of the shoulders. By treating these areas it may increase the blood flow to help maintain the muscles. Many people after getting a massage feel that their energy levels and even their creativity spark a little more.

One of the most popular massages for depression is Swedish massage. It allows individuals to be calm and relax in the wonderful serene atmosphere. When you think there isn’t anything else to do for depression, getting a massage is one of the best ways to treat yourself. People don’t generally leave a massage feeling more depressed. They feel calm, relaxed, stress free, and happier. So the next time you’re feeling a case of the blues, consider getting a massage to ease your depression.