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What to Do and Not Do After Getting a Deep Tissue Massage

Category: Health, Massage
Man getting a deep tissue massage on a massage table

A deep tissue massage can provide many benefits. For example, it’s a great opportunity to rid of muscle spasms, alleviate back and neck pain, and relieve stress.

While getting a deep tissue massage is one thing, there are some precautions you need to take after you get a deep tissue massage. There are several dos and don’ts you need to consider if you want to maximize the benefits of your deep tissue massage.

Here’s what you should do and not do after getting a deep tissue massage.

What you shouldn’t do

Let’s first look at several things you shouldn’t do after getting a deep tissue massage.

Don’t overexert your body

You’ll want to avoid doing anything strenuous after getting a deep tissue massage. Your body is in a more relaxed state, and you’ll want to take it easy for a while.

Overexerting yourself by doing things like heavy weightlifting or going for a five-mile jog can cause new muscle knots to form, which you’ll want to avoid. It’s best to get your workout for the day prior to getting your massage.

After getting your deep tissue massage, you’ll ideally want to wait a day before you decide to do anything strenuous. If you have a strong desire to exercise, some light physical activity isn’t too bad. Some activities you might want to consider are stretching or going for a walk.

Avoid unhealthy foods and substances

For at least a day, you should avoid eating junk food, taking illegal drugs, or drinking alcohol after getting a deep tissue massage.

Now, normally these are things you don’t want to consume too much of anyway, but it’s especially important not to do after getting a deep tissue massage. These substances can reintroduce toxins back into your body. Considering you’ve spent time releasing toxins from your body, introducing new toxins doesn’t make sense.

Ingesting caffeine should also be avoided. Caffeine can dehydrate you, which isn’t good since you will have lost a lot of water from your deep tissue massage.

Skip heavy meals

In addition to avoiding unhealthy foods, you’ll want to skip eating heavy meals. It’s normal to feel hungry after getting a deep tissue massage, but eating a large meal can make you feel sluggish or lethargic.

Instead of a heavy meal, consider eating a healthy light meal or snack. Eating something healthy can give you the energy boost you need and shouldn’t be too hard on your stomach.

What you should do

Now, let’s take a look at what you should do after getting a deep tissue massage.

Stay hydrated

You’ll want to stay hydrated after you get your massage. Getting a deep tissue massage can dehydrate you, and it’s important to replenish the water you lost.

It’s best to stick to drinking water to hydrate you. Some fruit juices or non-caffeinated teas can be okay, too.

Staying hydrated will help you flush out toxins released from your deep tissue massage. Hydration is also key to reducing possible side effects like soreness, nausea, and headaches.

Address any soreness or pain

It’s not uncommon for people to feel sore or pain after a deep tissue massage. Your muscles will have been worked on for an extended period of time, and the soreness can be a sign your body is healing.

If you do experience soreness or pain, you will still want to address it. As mentioned, drinking water and staying hydrated can help. You might want to do some light stretches too. Some people have said they can alleviate soreness by taking a warm Epsom salt bath or using a cold compress.

If you experience severe pain or your soreness worsens, you should consider seeking medical attention.

Relax and get some rest

After a deep tissue massage, you should focus on rest and relaxation. Your body should already be in a relaxed state, so why push yourself? Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your day.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also important. You’ll want to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep. With a good night’s sleep, your muscles can recover, and you will feel refreshed.

By taking these dos and don’ts into consideration, you can ensure you are reaping the additional benefits a deep tissue massage offers. You want to get the most out of your deep tissue massage, so it’s important to treat your body well.

If you’re looking to get a deep tissue massage, Happy Head has you covered. Check out our various locations for your deep tissue massage options.

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