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Rebalancing Chakras through Massage Therapy

Category: Alternative Medicine

Chakras are believed to be forces of energy that flow through the subtle body. The subtle body is believed to be the soul or spirit that lies over the physical body. Chakras correspond to seven major organs and systems in the physical and subtle bodies. When the energy flow of a chakra becomes impaired in the corresponding organ, system function becomes impaired. Chakras are based on the science of energy. It is believed that chakras resemble the vibrations of the body’s own molecules, 8 cycles per second. Chakras consist of two electrical currents, alternating and continuous. Alternating current is the exchange of energy in the body between the nervous system, brain, and endocrine glands. The continuous chakra exists beyond the physical body and is the exchange of energy between one’s self, the environment around, and other human.

Massage therapy is believed to help realign and rebalance the energy flow through the chakras. It’s said that every chakra is connected to a point in the body. For example, the fourth chakra is said to bring compassion and healing energy when is it correctly flowing. To help rebalance this chakra, massage is applied to the chest area and upper back area. Since all chakras work together, when one is not releasing the correct current it can cause the other chakras to not function properly as well.

Using massage to relieve blocked chakras is a good thing but should also be combined with other therapies. Meditation, eating healthy, and exercise all can play a big role in helping to rebalance the chakras along with massage. When feeling like creativity, mood, or energy is impaired the issue may lie within the chakra points in the body and by applying massage in the correct areas and living healthy it is possible to unblock those chakras and restore them back to the correct energy flow. When all chakras are flowing together and balanced emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health all seem to improve, as well as the quality of life.

Massage therapy has many great health benefits. Not only does it make you feel great, it can help rebalance your chakras.


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