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Getting Rid Of Your Migraines With Massage Therapy

Category: Health

There are many who suffer from migraines that occur frequently. Migraines are a throbbing pain in the head that often can be accompanied with nausea and or sensitivity to light. For many migraine sufferers it causes them to have to change their daily activities due to the moderate to severe pain that migraines bring. There are many remedies for migraines that include prescription or over the counter dugs. Although those are sometimes most effective, many dislike taking them because of the horrible side effects that may occur. Often times what many try first are other remedies such as massage to help alleviate the pain and symptoms.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), they reported that in a 2006 research study, massage helped to decrease the amount of migraines and reduce sleeping disturbances. They reported that massage techniques such as a Swedish massage help to alleviate stress and increase serotonin levels. Techniques may vary depending on severity of the migraine and also what the client wants. Therapists may do a craniosacral massage, which focuses on the scalp to help alleviate the pain and tension while the nerves send signals to the brain to lessen the pain waves. Reflexology is another technique that is widely used; it is based off of the old theory that there are zones on the feet that correspond with various body parts. Therapists focus on these various points to help alleviate pain.

AMTA recommends getting massages regularly to help with maintaining the relief that massage brings for migraine sufferers. Only getting a massage when the migraine occurs will do no help in regulating them, which is why they recommend getting a massage monthly. There are plenty of options for those suffering from migraines and massage therapy helps to alleviate much of the pain. It may be worth a try if you get migraines often and have never tried massage therapy as a way to help. You don’t have to continually suffer with headaches anymore. Give massage therapy a try.


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