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Getting Rid Of Stress The Natural Way

Category: Health

Did you know that stress can lead to depression, weight gain and obesity, major health problems and over the long term, can even shorten your life? Well, now researchers at Tufts University think they might have the answer for stress relief in the form of a pill.  The researchers say they have discovered exactly how stress hormones affect receptors in your brain and they have actually been able to block them.

According to the author of the study, Jamie Maguire, PhD., “By blocking the synthesis of the neurosteroids, they stopped the elevation of corticosterone, and prevented anxiety in mice. We have identified a novel mechanism regulating the body’s response to stress by determining that neurosteroids are required to mount the physiological response to stress. Moreover, we were able to completely block the physiological response to stress, as well as prevent stress-induced anxiety.”Now, the team is focusing on modulating the neuroreceptors to treat some of the diseases that accompany stress — be they depression, anxiety, or epilepsy.”

Here are some words of wisdom. We all know stress is bad.  We all know that all drugs have side effects.  There are plenty of stress reduction techniques that do not require a drug; they just take a little effort.  (But, it is wonderful that science recognizes the importance of stress reduction.) One of the best ways to reduce stress is to get a massage.

Massage therapy is safe and can help with many symptoms, including stress, depression and anxiety. Part of managing stress is taking time to shift the mind away from everyday worries and to allow the body and mind to relax during the massage session.

The time spent in a massage can be used to focus on relaxing the body. It can promote feelings of being in control over your health and can play an active role in managing chronic illnesses. Many massage techniques are practiced in a quiet and low lit room. Some therapists have soft music in the background and use candles or incense that give off aromas that help the body and mind relax.

There are many different massages available at Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego that are great for relaxation. These include Swedish full body massage, Asian style body massage, Vietnamese head massage and much more. Get rid of your stress today by getting a relaxing massage.