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5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Massage for Neck Pain Relief

Category: Health, Massage
Man sitting at desk grabbing his neck

Neck pain can be tough to deal with. It can periodically cause you discomfort throughout the day and leave you more frustrated than not.

Dealing with this discomfort isn’t easy. Some people will try using medication to address the pain, while others might resort to expensive surgeries. While these solutions might work for some, for others, the answer might be far simpler.

Getting a massage for neck pain relief can be an effective method in neck pain management. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people suffer from neck pain in the first place and why you should consider getting a massage for neck pain relief.

Why does neck pain happen?

There are plenty of reasons why people have neck pain. Some people get neck pain from hunching over their computer or desk for long hours, too much stress, or bad posture. Other times, people might get neck pain from sleeping in a bad position.

The worst cases tend to be from injuries or long-term conditions. If you were in a car accident, you might have experienced whiplash, which can cause tremendous neck pain. If you have a condition like arthritis, you might constantly deal with neck pain.

No matter the reason, neck pain is not pleasant. What’s worse is neck pain can affect other parts of the body. People suffering from neck pain often deal with back pain, muscle discomfort, and headaches.

How a massage can help with neck pain relief

Massage therapy has plenty of benefits, and neck pain relief is one of the more well-known ones. Let’s dive into five reasons why a massage can help with neck pain relief.

Provides stress relief

Massages have been well known to provide stress relief. Getting a massage can help you relax and feel calm. This calming effect can cause the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine or serotonin, which can combat stress hormones like cortisol.

When you feel relaxed, your neck might feel less tense and stiff. This feeling can be extremely beneficial when it comes to neck pain management.

Targets your specific area pain

If you’ve ever taken pain relief medication, you might find it doesn’t address your specific area of pain. You might feel a sense of relief throughout your body, but it doesn’t address the core issue of your pain.

Before getting a massage, your massage therapist will ask if you’re experiencing pain in a specific body area. At that point, you can tell your massage therapist your specific pain, and they can provide recommendations on how they can treat it. During the massage, your massage therapist will give special attention to your area of pain and apply the proper techniques to help provide relief.

Improves blood circulation

Your body needs good blood circulation to function properly. Poor blood circulation can leave you with ailments like headaches and terrible neck pain.

A massage can help improve blood circulation by moving blood through congested areas of the body. When congested areas are relieved, new blood can flow in, which can improve blood circulation and help ease neck pain.

Improves flexibility and range of motion

As you get older, your body’s range of motion might be limited, and you might not be as flexible as it used to be. This decrease in motion and flexibility can leave you susceptible to experiencing stiff necks more often.

Getting massages often can help improve your flexibility and range of motion in your neck. During a massage, pressure is applied to muscles fibers which may stretch and elongate them. When your muscle fibers are stretched and elongated, you might experience an increased range of motion and flexibility.

Helps prevent future discomfort

When you’re getting a massage, some techniques can be applied to help strengthen underlying muscles. For example, if you get a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist can work to strengthen the underlying muscles in your neck.

If your neck muscles are strengthened, you may be able to reduce your chances of experiencing future neck pain. Strengthened neck muscles can also promote faster recovery times from neck injuries.

Further tips on neck pain relief

Massage therapy can be great for neck pain relief, but it’s not a magic pill. In some cases, you might need to do more.

You might need to make some lifestyle adjustments. For example, you might need to eat a more balanced diet, exercise, change your posture when sitting, or get more sleep.

Neck pain is rough, but it can be treated. If your neck pain is excruciating, strongly consider seeking medical attention.

If you’re looking to get a massage for neck pain relief, consider Happy Head. We have several locations and offer a variety of massages that can help.

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