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Think Massage Is Just For Grown Ups? Here’s Some Tips On Massaging Your Baby.

Category: Massage

A mother-child bond is a special connection and getting involved in the child’s daily routine strengthens the bond. It is also a great way for dad to get involved with the baby as well. Massaging your baby is a great way for all parents to bond with their baby while improving their child’s health. Always keep in mind that you should always consult with your child’s doctor to ensure that all the methods and advice offered here are safe for your child.

First let’s start off with using the correct oil. Using name brands such as Johnson & Johnson can be used or you can use your own home remedy from your kitchen like pure sesame seed oil mixed with olive oil. Before trying on any baby oil on your baby’s skin, it is important to test the oil out and see if it is compatible with your baby’s skin. Just apply a little bit on their hand, wait for a few minutes to see that your baby’s skin does not get red or a rash. If any reddening or rash occurs, do not use that oil. Always keep in mind your baby’s comfort level. Only give your baby a massage when he/she is up to it. Observe your baby sleeping cycles. Usually after a massage your baby will sleep so once your baby wakes up from the massage give your baby a nice warm bath.

When pouring oil on your baby’s stomach only use gentle strokes. There is no need to use any kind of force. Research shows that a massage can help babies grow better and behave better. It will also help them breathe more rhythmically since infants often have an irregular breathing pattern. According to an article on, studies show that newborns receiving extra touch experience enhanced neurological development. Infant’s brain grows fastest in the first year and that is the time when it’s smart to give your child extra touch.

Start massaging your baby early so they can experience the many benefits of massage therapy early in life. It’s never too early to start relieving stress, feeling relaxed, and feeling great.