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Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Those Painful Knots

Category: Massage

Tight Muscles are often the source of pain. Muscle tension can cause headaches, back pain, stress and much more. An over the counter pain reliever may help the symptoms temporarily subside, but eradicating the source of the pain is the best approach for long term relief. Trying to get rid of muscle knots can take time and a little effort, but the resulting feeling of relief is well worth it. If knotted muscles are causing you pain, take the necessary steps to smooth and work out the knots so that your body can perform at its best level. Removing muscle knots may take repeated efforts and a variety of techniques, depending on personal preferences and what works most effectively for your body. One thing is for sure though; the best way to get rid of muscle tension is to get a massage.

Try visiting a massage therapist that are trained in muscle therapy and know the best techniques for relieving knotted muscles. One approach that therapists use is to apply compression to the muscle and area surrounding it. This causes the muscle to temporarily relax and allow the knot to reduce. Also taking a warm bath helps you and your knotted muscles to relax. Not quite as effective though but still useful is to take a hot shower. Stand so the water stream is focused on the muscles that are bothering you. Stretching and yoga are also effective options for getting rid of muscle spasms. One thing that is also overlooked is regular exercise. Exercise helps keep your muscles healthy and strong. This helps alleviate tension and stress in the muscles.

Last but not least, giving yourself a quick rub down can help reduce those muscle knots. This is especially helpful when you don’t have time to come in for a professional massage. Squeezing and rubbing the muscles throughout the body can help alleviate muscle tension. Do this all over your body even for those muscles that don’t have knots. You’ll most likely feel a noticeable difference afterwards. One method to consider is to roll a tennis ball around the area applying pressure, until you feel the pain of the ball on the muscle knot. Holding the ball in place for about 30 seconds will help the muscle knot to get worked out and relaxed. So the next time you feel knots and just need a quick and easy way to work them out, consider these simple tips. Doing them a couple of times a day can help get rid of those nasty knots and spasms.