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Secrets Of Ancient Thai Massage

Category: Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a system of manipulation that was developed in Thailand thousands of years ago. It is heavily influenced by the ancient traditional medicine of Southeast Asia, as well as Yoga. In ancient Thailand, Thai Massage was only performed on royals. Slowly as times changed and progressed, it became a part of all Thai culture. The massage consists mostly of a deep rhythmic pressure while either lying flat or while in a deep stretching pose. In the massage the whole body is stretched, from fingers and toes to even ears! While not every Thai massage will be the same for every person, the core remains the same. It involves stretching and a deep pressure.

Thai massage has many great benefits, one of them being flexibility! While lying on the bed the massage therapist moves the body into different “yoga like” stretching positions while applying a firm pressure with their own body. The therapist will sometimes use their feet and knees to help achieve a deep stretch or pressure. Not only is Thai massage great for improving flexibility, it also can be great to help reduce stress and emotional tension. Also, it is reported to help with migraines, inability to sleep, as well as many minor physical ailments like sprains and out-of-place joints. One of the most impressive attributes of Thai massage is the added benefit of increased energy. While many other massages can leave someone feeling groggy or tired, it is often found with Thai massage that they may feel energized after receiving the massage.

Thai Massage is not for everyone. If someone is looking to just have a calm and relaxing massage then Swedish massage may be a better option. Thai massage is a great choice for active people or someone that is looking to relieve a lot of stress and tension all over the body and enjoys a deeper pressure.

Happy Head Massage has perfected the perfect Thai massage. They offer a Thai combo massage which combines the stretching of Thai massage and the stronger muscle work of deep tissue massage. With this combination, customers can experience the perfect Thai massage.